When you live in Indiana, at some point, you’re going to see a barn.  Whether it be newly updated, barely standing or collapsed to a pile of rubble. But once upon a time, these beautiful structures were commonplace throughout the Indiana landscape and not only served a purpose, but displayed visual artistry through conceptual design that would leave us amazed.

To some, seeing a barn is as every day as passing the local Wal-Mart or Starbucks. But when I look at these architectural wonders, I envision what it was like when they were being constructed; what was the vision of those who created it and for what purpose was it intended. Did an entire community come together to raise these amazing buildings, as I imagine was common in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

Once completed, I can envision those involved, pausing and gazing upon this magnificent structure they had erected and beaming with pride at their accomplishment. A celebration would surely follow, to celebrate, and share stories with family and friends, posing for photographs for future generations to enjoy.

This is what I see and feel, and try to imagine whenever I come upon a barn during my travels.  For this reason, I must take a photograph to capture the image as I imagine it, in its purest form. Ignoring the dilapidation and graffiti, and seeing it as it was when it was first erected. I see beauty, strength, community, and history.

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As a toddler, was there anything better than blowing bubbles? It was a lot of work, we got winded, & usually spilled more bubble mix on ourselves than went into the air, but it was worth it.

Nowadays, they have machines that can do it for you with the press of a button. It takes the work out of the process & the results are amazing.

This is my granddaughter with her Mickey Mouse bubble maker. The pure joy & innocence on her face proves it’s the end result that matters, not how you get there.


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Hello Friends!

As I transition to hosting the website here on WordPress, I hope you’ll be patient with me. We all know how quickly technology changes, and it was determined from a social and streamline standpoint to move from SquareSpace to WP.

You’ll notice that the website url has changed from my name to Climate B Studios. That’s because in addition to photography, I will be producing and submitting designs and music to go along with the photos I take. So to keep the old url didn’t encompass everything I wanted to share with you. Thus the change.

I look forward to sharing stories, information, and of course, photos with you as this new chapter begins! As always, I welcome your comments, suggestions and feedback to help make this experience better for you.

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