Product photography

With the cootie virus tightening its grip on social gatherings and generally requiring people to avoid human interaction, booking in-person sessions has become increasingly more scarce. Not to mention, everyone who now has the latest iPhone with all its bells and whistles, now considers themselves a professional photographer. I get it. These are the times in which we currently live.

One aspect of photography that continues to not only remain constant, but actually become more in-demand is commercial and product photography. Print ads, websites, DoorDash, restaurant menus, all require carefully arranged phots of their products to entice buyers. This is an avenue I had not intended to pursue, but as photographers, we must shoot.

And so, I anticipate this will be the first of many posts featuring products, food, and whatever else I can think of to shoot, until life returns to normal. Whatever that will be.

Here’s to a whole new world.

until next time…

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